On September 3 I did a blog on Pastor Moline and his little friend.  Moline wrote  “This guys dad was the pastor hit by a car while driving his motorbike. He wanted this picture taken because “Everyone else was getting theirs taken except him.”

 Here was the story from January 2011
We have been working with partners to try and work out transportation difficulties for the Pastors, evangelists and deaconness’ in the ELCK for a while now.  Those who have not been to Kenya do not know the issues involved in simply visiting the sites where Pastoral ministry and worship take place.  Some of the roads are so awful that I wonder if even a motor bike is a good idea.  Pastor Onanda was a dedicated servant of the Lord – I remember meeting him in passing a while back.  We ask God’s blessings on his family and those he gave Pastoral care too.  This is from David.
Last night The Lord finally called Pastor Jerim Otieno  Onanda home. Jerim died after developing kidney problem following a road accident he had last week.  Jerim was involved in a road accident as he was riding his motorbike after attending morning pastoral instructions at Nyimbi special school and he has been in great pain. We tried all that was possible but the Lord wanted him home. We wait now to join him when out time comes. Jerim leaves behind Millicent his wife with three children Anjeline 10,  Matilda 7 and Martin 5 and Millicent is expecting.
Jerim is a pastor in ELCK, and has been working with Diakonia Compassionate Ministry as an outreach worker and team leader. He was also the leader of Katito children Bible Club. Jerim had great potential in managerial positions for DCM and for ELCK as whole.
Continue to join us in prayers. Funeral arrangements will be communicated later.
Rev David Chuchu
Diakonia Compassionate Ministry
 Here is a picture of the kind of roads that Pastor Onanda would have to travel –