Chesterton is a hoot.

It is not merely true that the age which has settled least what is progress is this
“progressive” age. It is, moreover, true that the people who have settled least what
is progress are the most “progressive” people in it. The ordinary mass, the men who
have never troubled about progress, might be trusted perhaps to progress. The
particular individuals who talk about progress would certainly fly to the four winds
of heaven when the pistol- shot started the race. I do not, therefore, say that the
word “progress” is unmeaning; I say it is unmeaning without the previous definition
of a moral doctrine, and that it can only be applied to groups of persons who hold
that doctrine in common. Progress is not an illegitimate word, but it is logically
evident that it is illegitimate for us. It is a sacred word, a word which could only
rightly be used by rigid believers and in the ages of faith.