Mercy work needs an influx of volunteers and helpers and donators because needs never end.  When people say that certain types of mercy work should be over and completed I remind them people get hungry at regular intervals during the day, and human being are liable to get sick occasionally and orphans are orphans, well, as long as they live.  Anyway one of the great success stories is the Orphan Grain Train.  We have Orphan Grain Train Organizations in Minnesota North and North Dakota.  Here is an announcement of an open house and a dedication coming soon.  Click the link.

The North Dakota Orphan Grain Train Branch will be having an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday July 21. The public is invited to come and see what the Orphan Grain Train is all about. A dedication service will be at 2 p.m. Tours will be given before and after the dedication service. The Orphan Grain Train Branch is located at the old C.H. Carpenter Lumber building at 103 4th Ave. SE in Jamestown.

*Hope to see a lot of you this weekend for the open house!  *

*Saturday July 21st from 1p-4p.  *
*Dedication service will be held at 2pm.  *
*Tours will be given before and after the service. *

*And here is a link to a recent interview done with Warren Abrahamson at

*If you can't make it this Saturday, stop by another Saturday from 9am-12p
when they normally are open.  They'd be glad to show you around!*

*Elissa Rosin*

*Media/Newsletter*Orphan Grain Train North Dakota Branch
103 4th Ave SE
Jamestown, ND 58401

*What is Orphan Grain Train?*

Orphan Grain Train is a Christian volunteer network that shares personal
and material resources with needy people in America and in 68 countries
around the world. Grain Train volunteers gather donations of clothing,
medical supplies, food, Christian literature, and other aid to meet real
needs. The Orphan Grain Train movement is a loving response to Jesus
Christ’s example as a servant and His love for us.