Below is how  Jewish Christians tie together the Old Testament, the Passover and the events of Holy week.  Think on this.  This is a amalgamation of different writers.

The Feast of Passover  was given by God to be a rehearsal  of the first coming of Jesus. The Passover ceremony was observed in remembrance of the past and in preparation for the future. Many years after the Passover in Egypt, a person named John  the Baptist, pointed to Jesus and declared that He was the Lamb of God (Johm 1:29). After John, a type of Elijah who would prepare the coming of Messiah, proclaimed Jesus as the Lamb of God, Jesus ministered for three-and-a-half years. At the end of that time, on the tenth of Nisan, the high priest marched out of the city of Jerusalem to Bethany where a lamb was to be slain. The lamb was led back into the city through streets lined with thousands of pilgrims singing the Hallel (Psalms  113-118). The liturgy for HoshanahRabbah says that the Messiah will come to the Mount of Olives and weep over the city. This happened in Luke 19:41. The people also waved palm branches as Jesus rode into the city on a donkey in fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. Today, Nisan 10 is known as Palm Sunday in the non-Jewish community.
The lamb that was to be slain by the high priest was led into the temple and put in a prominent place of display. Likewise, Jesus the Lamb of God went on public display when He entered the temple (BeitHaMikdash) and spent four days there among the people, the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the scribes, as the leaders asked Jesus their hardest questions. Jesus was questioned in front of the people for four days, showing Himself to be without spot or blemish, fulfilling Exodus 12:5.
On the fourteenth of Nisan, at the third hour of the day (9:00 a.m.), the high priest took the lamb and ascended the altar so he could tie the lamb in place on the altar. At the same time on that day, Jesus was tied to the tree on Mount Moriah (Mark 15:25). At the time of the evening sacrifice (3:00 p.m.) for Passover (Exodus 12:6), the high priest  ascended the altar, cut the throat of the lamb with a knife, and said the words, “It is finished.” These are the exact words said after giving a peace offering to God. At this same time, Jesus died, saying these exact words in John  19:30. Jesus died at exactly 3:00 p.m. (Matthew  27:45-46,50).

Now note the Durer image of the Adoration of the Lamb in Revelation.