Kaye Kreklau and Friend in the Dominican

We are all about partnerships and connections.  They are all over if we look for them.  Years ago I received a grant to put together a booklet called “Building Up the Whole Body Of Christ”- A Congregational Manuel For Ministry For Individuals With Handicaps”.  The idea was that if a Pastor gets a call at 3 in the morning from a family that had just been told their new baby was handicapped, he would have a step by step resource to help him with counseling and finding resources to help the family.  There were resources all the way to confirmation instruction.  I spent a lot of time at Bethesda Lutheran Homes in Watertown Wisc, and their materials, resources and advice was invaluable.  A booklet was given to every Protestant Pastor in North Dakota.  That was years ago but recently I saw a copy some where and was informed that it was a useful tool back in the day.

Bethesda is also a partner with DCM Kenya who is our partner in orphan support along with 1001 Orphans.  Bethesda is also operating in partnership with LCMS World Relief and different LWML groups in the Dominican Republic.  Kaye Kreklau our LWML President was able to travel to the Dominican recently and see the projects and work being done there.  Bethesda and the partners put together the first group home ever in the Dominican Republic.