church worker crisisI told you yesterday that Pastor Appreciation makes me queasy but if you are insistent in celebrating here is another idea.

Since 2004, Soldiers of the Cross has provided emergency support and pastoral care for LCMS church workers based on financial need. Helping church workers retain health insurance is a top concern. “One our Synod’s top priorities must be helping our church workers in their time of need,” said Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, LCMS president. “Many have given a large portion of their lives to serve, very often in modest circumstances. While these are challenging times for many families, we must make every attempt to help our servants of the church.” The needs are growing Since its inception, Soldiers of the Cross has seen the numbers of grant requests exceed the funds available each year. Originally designed to provide short-term help, today Soldiers of the Cross assists church workers who need financial assistance for longer periods. Financial support is needed The Soldiers of the Cross fund, which depends solely on donor contributions, is near depletion. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is asking for your help to raise a minimum $300,000 to assist these “soldiers of the cross.” To make a referral Contact your District President, Rev. Dr. Carlos Hernandez, 314-956-2005, or Susan Green, 314-996-1751.