daily newsI had to prayer for forgiveness this morning when I read this headline.  My first reaction was that it was meant for leftists and basically meant that Obama wasn’t fixing this just like he hasn’t fixed the IRS, Veterans Administration, EPA, Secret Service, health care, illegal immigration, the environment, global warming, the economy, or (insert your complaint here).  Then I had to repent because I can’t accuse all Democrats of believing that Obama is God anymore than a thinking individual can assume that people of prayer are cowards, or that prayer is uttering meaningless platitudes.  Newspaper headline writers that actually believe that politicians can fix the “gun scourge” or any other of the vexing problems we face would be out of business if Government could actually fix the problems that Government creates.  The definition of a meaningless platitude is a government functionary talking about “fixing things”.

And of course that leads us to the politicization of tragedy.  Hilary was on early and often about the situation in California and I fully expect that an anti-Islamic video will be found in the home of  the Farook/Malik’s.  Perhaps we should ban any government employees at any level, City, County, State or Federal from gathering together for an office party.  That would certainly fix a situation like this from ever happening again.   Government workers can no longer congregate together in any confined area.  There! I have just fixed the problem and it didn’t cost one dime of tax payer money.

On another note there was a women that saw a lot of strange activity at the Farook/Malik home.  So strange, that she almost called the police but changed her mind because she didn’t want to be accused of “racial profiling”.  So this issue might have been “fixed” before it ever happened.  My guess is that if police had paid a visit and found a basic bomb factory in operation they may have pulled the plug on the operation.  So how about we ban political correctness and all the social shaming nonsense that we have been putting up with.

In the meantime pray.