compare and contrastThere is a debate over so-called “prayer shaming,” which Emma Green of The Atlantic described this way very early in the story: “Anger about the shooting was turned not toward the perpetrator or perpetrators, whose identities are still unknown, but at those who offered their prayers.” She wrote: There’s a clear claim being made here, and one with an edge: Democrats care about doing something and taking action while Republicans waste time offering meaningless prayers. These two reactions, policy-making and praying, are portrayed as mutually exclusive, coming from totally contrasting worldviews.

Obviously that was written a few days ago before they knew who had done what but think about what is being said here.  “Doing something” as I have said before, when said by a politician is a cause for prayer.  God help us when politicians want to do something.  That covers both Democrats and Republicans.

The idea of prayer shaming however is a very serious business.  It shows the divide and the wedge being driven between this culture at all levels, especially in media and politics, and Christians.  The idea of media or politicians mocking prayer would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.  The first amendment is being attacked on every level of this society and actually being given up without a fight on college campuses.  The evidence is strong that neighbors knew something was wrong in California with the Farook’s but they were afraid of saying anything for fear of being called a racist.

There is also a danger that the public actually starts paying attention to when politicians “do something” and when they refuse to “do something”.  Why hasn’t anyone “done something” about the Veterans Administration?  IRS?  Immigration?  We should study what they do as well.  The mess we are in with our health care and insurance is on display because someone in Washington did something.  Hilary’s foray into “Gun Control” was on display in Benghazi.

Christians are being marginalized and many of their views are being labeled extreme.  Much of that comes with help from the so called main-line churches who gave up their Christian witness years ago and have simply become purveyors of “justice”.  “Justice” in this case means political correctness. It is the kind of justice that kept the neighbor in San Bernadino who saw something from saying something.