charter for church

Roger Weinlaeder  (one of the original Project 24 guys) Writes:

Sheila, my wife, and I recently visited the city of Quebec City in Quebec Canada. We were able to visit the home of French influence in North America and a chance to review the evolution of this how this Province and how they became part of Canada. The city is located on the St Lawrence Seaway where a good percentage of the agricultural goods produced in the upper Midwest is exported over to foreign markets. It is a very interesting place and I would recommend that anyone who had the opportunity would enjoy the visit.

As usual – we will visit the magnificent cathedrals and the churches that served the people in this part of the world. One church we visited was almost completely plated with gold and there was so much silver and other worship articles that were priceless – it was almost overwhelming. The next church we visited was still large and was classy but there was no gold or silver lined into the building. It was just stately, serene and wood pews and beams that were well maintained. The two churches were only about 2 blocks apart and represented a huge contrast in styles. One represented wealth and and Pomp while the other was humble comfortable. This community when first established represented a large population of people that were poor and a high percentage of the people lived in various degrees of poverty.

At the entrance to the “Humble” structure I noticed this original statement on the use of the weekly collections that the worshipers gave. I found it interesting that of primary importance was the human care element that we often talk about in this day and age. These people and this congregation knew all about this in the 1600’s. Taking care of Orphans, widows, infirm, and the helpless was primary and the first thing that was attended to.

The lesson is so blatantly clear -Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for each of us So‑

Matt 25 verse 45 Jesus says “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, You did not do for me”. This is an interesting twist, for once it is not about the bad things that we do but about the good things we do not do!

The Mission is still there no matter how difficult it is. Please find a way to Support Project 24 or another project that pays attention to the helpless, hungry, sick, thirsty, naked and lonely.