The Project 24 visitors to the Lenkishon opening took a trip up Cheparia  to visit the Udom center there.  Udom has been a great success and there are 55 young people there.  You can sponsor children at one of these centers through Christ Cares for Kids Kenya at the LCMS website.

Udom has a wonderful and rather sad story behind it.  A former missionary to Africa heard about the Project 24 efforts and was very impressed that laymen were taking up this task.  He called me one day because I was listed on the brochure he had seen and gave a generous gift.  The only stipulation was that he be able to name the center.  While in Africa he had befriended a child who been considered “cursed” by his village and driven away.  The missionary and his wife took him in and basically raised him while they were in country.  They wanted to take him home when their service was over, but the country he served in would not allow it.  Till the day he died he said he would wonder about and pray for the boy he called Udom.