20160218_102519 (1)The Project 24 Forum was held on February 17th.  We were not able to get anyone to attend from here because of timing, but here you see the folks that did.  A Forum is when all the stake holders in the project get together to discuss success, failures, issues and problems.  They celebrate the good stuff and work together to figure out how to fix the issues that might arise.

Problems that existed with Project 24 were a loss of local control and “buy-in; separation of boarding school sites from churches; lack of identity in the areas where sites were built and a general organizational malaise.  That is why these forums are so important.  The folks who have “skin in the game” gather  and have a pretty good time.  They combine the forum with a Bible competition.

The site has been picked for the North Dakota/Minnesota North joint center and we are expecting some more reports soon.   Thank you for you support and donations.  Please mark your checks “Project 24”.

Donations can be sent to  Minnesota North at

P.O. Box 604

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or North Dakota District at

PO Box 9029
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