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These pictures give you some idea of the kind of country that the Lenkishon Project 24 center is being built on.  This is giraffe and zebra country and the famous ferralsol laterite earth.  I am happy to see this Project continuing and progressing so well.  It is a joint North Dakota and Minnesota North project.

Here is the report from the architect – it means nothing to me but ……

We carried out a site inspection on Tuesday 11th October, 2016 and compile the
following report.

Work Progress:
The roof cover to all units have been completed except for a small section of the
hall entrance lobby; Windows and external doors are 95% completed with the
outstanding expected to be completed by the end of the week; The main works ongoing
currently is internal plaster with the  dormitory at 80% complete, the hall and the
kitchen are expected to done by the end of the week; Ceiling brandering timber has
commenced at the dormitory and is at 30% . Overall project is at 75% completion

Materials on site:
There is sufficient cement lime and sand  on site to accommodate the plaster works,
however there is need to have on site timber for ceiling brandering.

Labour on site : there was adequate labour on site  undertaking the plaster works.
General workmanship is good.Pace of work is satisfactory and with timely supplies of
brandering timber,ceiling boards, window glass, paint, and electrical and sanitary
fittings, the project completion could be achieved by December 2016.
Kind Regards,