Not long ago the Project 24 Forum took place and we gave you an update.  This week the site at Lenkishon was expected to go through ground breaking.  I have not heard if it went ahead or is still pending but there is a lot of good news.

Project 24 at it’s inception was pretty simple and had few guidelines.  One of the guidelines was that each Project 24 center be near or connected to a church.  For whatever reason one of the problems that developed was a disconnect from the church and that has changed.  Another issue was sustainability and it is great to see that these issues are being addressed.

Tumaini children are now growing their own food,  Udom is strategizing how to improve the children’s academic performance, all of the Rongo children received medical check-ups, Othoro has contracted two teachers to tutor the boys after school and on the weekends in order to improve their language skills.   One special highlight was that the local churches near Tumaini and Udom had a special event at their respective sites.  The parishioners have “adopted” their sites and are now visiting the children on a regular basis and blessing them with small gifts.  We hope to see this kind of connection continue as this helps create a partnership between the church and each site.  Overall, the forum was a great opportunity for everyone to come together and grow in unity!

The orphan support piece called Christ Care for Children, Kenya is also going well and more information on that is coming soon so please