God’s right hand and holy arm have Obtained the victory. There are some 250 references to the hand of God in the Bible. Most of these stress the might and mercy of that arm in delivering the Hebrew people from Egypt. The bolstering conclusion, of course, is this: If that great arm of God accomplished such a rescue in the past, nothing is too difficult for it in the future. With the prophet we too say: “Behold, the Lord’s arm has not been shortened that it cannot save!” It is not too short to reach and rescue you from your deepest sin or suffering. It is you who are often short on the necessary faith to take hold of that rescuing arm. There is protection in God’s arm. With the prophet we say, “In the shadow of His hand He has hid me.” Yet you are not just under God’s hand; you are on it. For He has carved and engraved you on His palm and indelibly tattooed you there. You are united with the great God Himself. Can God be conquered? Of course not. And since you are His, neither can you. Can God die? Of course not. And since you are His, neither can you.  There is correction in God’s hand. Peter writes – humble yourselves under Gid’s mighty hand.” Exaltation will, of course, follow in due time; that is, when we are precisely ripe for it and not before. God knows best when to remove His correcting hand. It is interesting to note also that Saint Peter in this passage (1 Peter 5: 6, 7) tells us to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand by throwing all of our worries upon Him. This is one of the greatest prides of all: to worry, to take into our hands a re-sponsibility which belongs to God alone-the care and government of our future. God’s arm has obtained the victory. It certainly has! They were  cruelly stretched on the cross and then folded in death. On Easter, God’s strong arm reached down and revived the dead Christ. By these acts God’s mighty arm has obtained the victory, our victory over Satan, sin, and hell.