in remembrance

Worship is a human response to God’s work and mercy in our lives.  It is also an active receiving of God’s good gifts.  In our worship God is the actor giving what we need for life in this world and life in the world to come. It is also recognition of who God is and what he has done and that requires remembering. The person and works of God that must be brought to mind as objects of adoration and wonder, but for all of our seeming work in the process it can only come about out of God’s own memory, in His promise that he has not forgotten us or the basis of His relationship with us.  That relationship is based upon His love for us expressed in mercy in sending His Son to take our sins away.  “He recalls His promises and leads His people forth in joy” we sometimes sing after communion.

God remembers us.  He remembers our sins no more.  When we remember God brings the promise into our “now”.

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