Rev. Arvid Salvhus of Mahnomen died on Feb 18th, 2012 in Fargo.

Pastor and his wife Lori were  very much involved in the Haiti Mission Society. They were also supportive of Project 24 and various Kenya projects through the years.
This blog is about the connections that we have up here in the North country and there are many connections and interesting aspects of Rev. Salvhus life and ministry.  He grew up in McIntosh and taught in public schools over 20 years before entering the Seminary. In the early 1960’s he took part in the Fulbright exchange program studying in Germany for a year. In the late 1960’s he earned a Master’s Degree in German Studies. He started the German Program at the High School  in Laramie, Wyoming. In Wyoming they were neighbors to Rev. Richard Boche who now serves as the Wyoming District President. It is of more than passing interest to me at least that a Minnesota Norwegian majored in German.
Mark Buchhop (see The China Connection – and In Grand Forks! February 25 blog) my old Circuit Counselor was there at the funeral since he is part of the Circuit by his serving Immanuel-Radium. Pastor Ramey my new Circuit Counselor rode over with Mark and he knew Arvid having served in the Circuit at Crookston.
Pastor Salvhus’ body now rests in the “dormitory of the faithful departed, St. John’s Cemetery near Bud Berglinds grave awaiting the Day of Resurrection, (see 6 degrees of separation – Ada and Twin Valley, Minnesota, the Drevlows, Bud Berglind, the Schultz’ and all kinds of stuff. 11/21/11)
Pastors present besides the forementioned were:
David Laue – East Grand and Grand Forks
Bob Behling – Twin Valley
Aaron Zuch – Thief River Falls/Warren
Steve Bohler – Crookston/Eldred
Tim Winterstein – Fisher/Euclid
Michael Bitz – Walker
Del Stohs – Calloway
Allan Wierschke – Blackduck/Cass Lake
Nathan Higgins – Long Prairie
Dean Bell-Fosston( Officiant/Preacher) (see Dormitory of the Faithful Departed. 10/22/11
Rev. Don Fondow – Minnesota North President – (see The Bishop’s Cross 5/18/11)
We pray that God would grant His peace and an extra measure of His Spirit on the family.