Ruby’s Food Pantry

Looking for ways that churches show compassion and act out in our life together with mercy and care is one of the reasons we set about to do this blog.  We also delve into other things concerning our life together and the Distirct partnerships with Minnesota North, North Dakota, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya, 1001 Orphans, and the LCMS is another.  It is also a chance to vent and once in awhile and talk about things that might hinder our life together.  These are the things that are fun, this from Ruby Berg up in Duluth.  We have been wondering what has been going on up there since the tremendous floding earlier this summer.  Here is Ruby….

I am part of Ruby’s Pantry. A faith-based food distribution system based in Pine City Minnesota. This ministry provides 85 pounds of food for $15. There are no income guidelines. If you show up with $15 or multiples of that and you receive the food. This ministry is hosted by Peace in Christ Lutheran Church in Hermantown, Minnesota.   The food pantry happens the first Tuesday of every month. The sponsoring agency in the church is the compassion committee. This compassion committee is the heart and soul of that church. It keeps that church reaching out to those in need in our  community.

We have talked before about the food pantries all across this country and the  service that they provide and will discuss more in the future.  These become ways that companies can show their community awareness as well.  Jenny-O sent turkeys up to Duluth after the flooding but they obviously needed some where to distribute.  A compassionate care committee is a great idea for any church.  Might keep our eyes focused outwards and upwards rather than inwards and downwards.  I wondr if the carpet gets dirty at Peace In Christ on Tuesday’s?

Ruby driving a fork lift