st cloud

I am a bit struck by the reaction over the weekend to the stabbings in St, Cloud and the bombings in New Jersey and New York.  One of the commentators on the news says that maybe we are getting numbed to these kinds of things because the outrage and sense of urgency do not seem to be there.  The only time the news folks get worked up is when Donald Trump says something rather than when other folks do things.  His reaction was roundly condemned while HRC’s reaction seemed catatonic.  Her campaign needs to switch her medications to whatever Nancy Pelosi is on.  Pelosi is incoherent most of the time but at least she seems excited in her incoherence.

So there are stabbings and bombings in several difference places and innocent people injured, a one year old among them.  Sleepy little St. Cloud as it was described, will never be the same some say.  I have spent much time in St. Cloud and much Project 24 support is there.  I feel for the folks there and we should all remember that whole community in prayer.