al and LutzWe could have done a 6 degrees of separation on this one.  This is Dr. Al Collver the director of Church relations for the LCMS on the middle left and on the right is Robert Lutz.  Robert Lutz is a parochial school teacher in Crookston MN and also served in Fargo.  His Father is Bernhard Lutz.  Albert’s middle name is Bernhard and my name is Bernhard.  That is a 6 degrees of separation blog all by itself.  Whether it is Bernard or Bernhard that is a lot of coincidence.

Robert has been doing work in the South Sudan for years and now Robert and Dr. Collver are travelling together.  There are amazing opportunities opening up in South Sudan and I will talk about them on another blog but right now I hope all of you will pray for these guys as they travel.  Robert has helped me and filled in on a few occasions and his friendship is much appreciated.