Michael Moore came on Morning Joe and said that the folks around the table had made fun of and impugned the folks of middle America and they missed a huge story out there.  He said that he had heard a report that the largest expense of the Trump campaign was on ball caps and the folks on Morning Joe really yucked it up over that one. He apologetically excoriated members of the panel while not wanting to offend them because they are all like minded.  The rejoinder was if there is supposed to be a concern and knowledge of what happens in Wadena or Ardoch why is there not a reciprocal concern over what happens in the Hamptons or Manhattan?  After I mopped up the mess I made after spilling my Morning Joe I realized that these folks are really blindfolded by their own special brand of bigotry.  They don’t understand that we folks out here in the hinterlands that actually do wear ball caps even when we are not in the fancy seats at Yankee or Dodger games, get inundated everyday with their morality, attitudes, feelings, musings, rantings and panegyrics, usually over someone or something we think is pretty weird.  They obviously still don’t understand or want to understand folks like us, but we get to study and hear about folks like them in newspapers and on the TV and in music and movies.  We get to be lectured by them when we go to the theater or a movie and even in music until sometimes the only peace we have is to stand in our corn fields with our ball caps on and listen to the silence.  The folks in the hinterlands also thought about you in the silence of the voting booth.  You might want to put that in the algorithms you are dreaming up for polling, or as we say out here in flyover country – put that in your pipe and smoke it.