I got an email news update from the LWML  Here it is.

Rev. Bernard Seter, author of the 2014 LWML Prayer Service, has composed music and written a song especially for the LWML. “Because of Jesus’ Sacrifice,” is based on the LWML League Pledge, which Rev. Seter refers to as a masterpiece.  This song is now available for download at The sheet music and a commentary on the song are also available.

Consider using this song at any event. It is not just for women, but for every baptized child of God. Rev. Seter incorporates The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod’s emphasis of Witness, Mercy, and Life Together with the passion and commitment found in the League Pledge.

Take time to listen to the lyrics. This is an excerpt, “… as our glad hymns we sing, so that all the world will know that Jesus Christ is King.”

I appreciate the kind words but aside from spelling my name wrong a couple of clarifications are necessary.  I never called it a “masterpiece”.  I believe I said that it was “iconic and timeless”.  Phillip Magness, a real professional and a partner in the Gospel called it “a bit country ballady” for his taste, but he notated and harmonized it for me anyway..  Check out his work at

To learn more about Phillip and his unique ministry please check this blog for 2013/10/11.