bean counters

The next one (#3) is the Reckoning Pharisee.

This is the one who does something wrong and then does something good to offset it and keeps track.  This was the “accountant”. He was a bean counter.  He kept a balance sheet of his good deeds. “One for me, one for me, one for me, one for me? God why have you not blessed me?  You see, according to his balance sheet with all his good deeds on it, God was in his debt. He had done so much for these people, he had done so much to keep His law, he had done so much to fulfill everything that God wanted him to do, God had to give him the things that he wanted. He was the “God, You-Owe-Me-One Pharisee.” Every time he did something good, God sunk further and further into his debt. (From

See yourself yet?