DSCN0278I have eaten this before.  Everywhere in the world from India, to Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa bread seems to be ubiquitous.  I have been told by some missionaries that where it is not familiar the Gospel is a bit tougher to present and herald.  Jesus calls Himself the “Bread if Life”.  The pharisaical types didn’t like that much.  They didn’t like it when He called Himself the “way the truth and the life” either, because as Luther says “if Jesus is the  way all other ways can’t be the way, all other truths can’t be the truth and all other lives can’t be the life”.

We listed the pharisaical types and I asked which one are you.  We probably move from being one kind of Pharisee to another and it is my contention that when it comes to mercy and care for others that is when the Pharisee in us will come out.

There is the shoulder Pharisee who wears his good works like a back pack.

There is the wait a bit Pharisee who holds off doing a good work because he hopes the need will go away.

There is the Reckoning Pharisee who adds up good works to cancel the bad.

The economizer Pharisee wants to get by on the cheap.

The God fearing Pharisee who does what he does out of fear of punishment.

And now we meet the God loving Pharisee who does what he does because he loves God.  Abraham would have been considered one of these.  He realizes that God is His bread, Jesus is His Way and His Truth and for this one to live is Christ.  Paul didn’t start out as that type of Pharisee, but he ended that way.