The world seems to be unhinged and in many ways insane.  Every discussion lately seems to be about how crazy things are.  There is a word used in the Bible especially in 1 Peter 1.13 13 “Therefore, preparing your minds for action,2 and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ”.  Whenever the word is used it has to do with hope.  The idea is that Christians have a perfect hope so they should hope perfectly.

“In every instance it indicates that clear, calm sober-mindedness which in a dispassioned, unbiased, objective manner views and judges all things, uninfluenced by passing whims and notions, the latest theories and isms, the fashions and customs of the day, the spirit of the times, the voice of the people, or the desires of the Christian’s own depraved flesh. The perfect hope towards which he is journeying is the motive which he applies to all
matters of this life. In the light of unending glory, to be manifested at the revelation of Jesus Ohrist, he views all the joys, and advantages, and comforts, and honors of this world. This hope will keep him sober-minded, will preserve him from the mistake so frequently made of unduly stressing non-essentials while losing sight of, or neglecting, things really worth while. At all times he will have the loins of his mind girt up, so that the boons of this life may not become a bane._ This blessed hope permeates, elevates, sanctifies, and brings nearer to perfection, the performance of his daily duties.”

Theodore Laetsch