deaconness emblomI have always stated that some of the most amazing people I have ever met were the deaconess’ in Kenya.  There dedication and hard work is truly inspirational.  When I see the idolatry that people have for rock stars and movie actors and then compare them to these women half way around the world I realize how diminished we really are.  I pray that more of our young people get a chance to visit and learn from these remarkable women.

Here is a picture of their emblem.  The safety pins lend a flavor to the scene that I can’t get over.  In their poverty they stilll serve and serve well.  Anyway many of us up here in the North country had a chance to see and visit with one of them – Eunita Odonga thanks to the hard work and help of alot of people.  Roger Weinlaeder wrote this – my comments in parenthesis…………

Everyone;  Thanks a ton to everyone who helped make Eunita’s visit to North Dakota a good experience.  For those of us that have been to Kenya – the hospitality, encouragement,  the sharing of the gospel  and warmth of the people there has always been exceptional.   As a group we   were able to return a portion of that to Eunita.   The Kenyans have been a source of encouragement and strengthening  of Faith experience for me.    I have nothing but good things to say about Eunita and the other deaconesses, and the ELCK  as they go about  the work of the church.

First thanks  to Sheila (Rogers wife) for being flexible and being willing to accommodate the visit while doing all the organists duties sometimes at more than one church and still host a visitor from a far away place.  A busy time of the year got busier.  Thank you.

Bill Sharpe for being so willing and available to provide transportation, and lodging, to and from some distant places with the help of the districts car.

President Baneck for Hosting Eunita in Bismark – showing her the sights of the capital and for the presentation at Messiah.  Josh for providing transportation back to Fargo.

Candice – for hosting Eunita at Prince of Peace School in St. Cloud.  Eunita had a wonderful experience there with the teachers and the children that asked so many questions.

Pastor Bielenberg for taking the time during a busy time of the year to round up a crowd for a presentation at Redeemer in Willmar.   Eunita Enjoyed the opportunity  and the exchange.  Thanks a bunch.

Cheryl and Wade Gjevre of Drayton for having a get together in their home.   Great food along with a great exchange. Thanks for being such a gracious and willing host.  A bundle of thanks.

Special thanks to Mark Hatloy for finding an airplane to move Eunita from St Cloud [Fargo] to Dickinson.  That would have been a wicked drive.   And then turn around and go and get  her from Dickinson and deliver her back to Drayton.  Thanks Mark for filling the mileage gap.  A huge help and thanks.

Nikki, Olivia, Christina and Pastor Wolters.  Lots of thanks for the bible Study – visit to the school to spend time with children and parents and the  Potluck at the church.   Thanks for opening up your home and hearts to Eunital.

Pastor Fenske  and Tom Weinlaeder for being so flexible and accommodating at Emmanuel in Grand Forks.  Can you allow more time for Bible Class???   Thanks a bucket full.

Pastor Fondow – thanks For getting Eunita  hooked up and on track in Minnesota Universe.  It worked great.  Thanks.

Bob Wurl  for sharing your home and family while hosting Eunita for a presentation in Hankinson.  Thanks.

Bernie:   for keeping people aware of where Eunita was going and when.   And also for the words of encouragement that are on Northern Crossing Mercy.  I thank you for all that you do.

Naomi Dunovan  —  what a blast —  we all  look forward to the article in the Herald.  (the article appeared on Saturday Jan 12 in the Greand Forks Herald – Naomi also does a blog called Ruby Girl).   When we   read it there  will  drums beating in the background. Thanks for the sharing and the goodies as well.  You have been a source of encouragement to a lot of people and you shared that so well with Eunita.  Thanks a bunch.

If thanks for  someone was  forgotten   please advise me.   There were a lot of people that made this happen and everyone worked so well together.

Everyone:   A lot of the interest for  Eunita visiting the various congregations and homes was from the Drive that Project 24 began.   Providing the homeless and defenseless with shelter Guidance and the Daily needs of life While learning about the love of our Savior.    Some of the connection also comes because of the Mary O’Keyo travelers that have gone to Kenya to see and witness the challenges of the Caregivers and the Church in Kenya.    If there are any funds that were collected for Project 24, the Big 5,  The Mary O’Keyo scholarship,  or for the Roof of Eunita’s Home congregation church.    Please Forward these funds to Bill Sharpe so that he can see that they get properly passed on.

The Plans for another Mary O’Keyo trip are in progress – if there are funds  for this and if there are potential travelers that you know of please send the funds to Bill Sharpe  and applications of potential travelers to Bob Wurl.

Be Blessed

Roger Weinlaeder