christmas cartoonLuther could never understand how the papacy turned the message of the angels; that Christ is born for you into a reason to honor Mary and make her an idol and how the “Turk”, Muslims, could believe that Christ was born of a virgin and never hear the angels message.  His constant warning that the world and our own flesh and the devil would do everything to destroy this message seems to be coming true.  Here is Luther……….

One who hears the message of the angel and believes it will be filled with fear, like the shepherds.  True, it is too high for me to believe that I should come into this treasure without any merit on my part.  Therefore, remember it, sing it, and learn it, while there is still time!  I fear that the time will come when we shall not be allowed to hear, believe, and sing this message in public, and the time has already come when it is no longer understood; though Satan does not allow it to be spoken with the mouth.  But when it comes to declaring that he is born for you and to singing:

In dulci jubilo    Now sing with hearts aglow!        Our light and pleasure    Lies in praesepio        Like sunshine is our treasure    Matris in gremio    Alpha est et O!

—this he is unwilling to allow.