There is a lot of talk that the country is divided as it has never been before which is debatable. There is also talk that there are two nations existing in the United States and that is probably closer to the truth. It can be proven every day and illustrated with some very simple observations. The other night when there was rioting in Washington DC, one of my friends was watching and told me that when they started the fire in the church and when she saw them desecrating the Lincoln Memorial and spray painting all over the place; she wept. Her response to the president walking across the park from the White House to the church holding a Bible the next day was classic,  “I won’t cry tonight”.

The reaction from the other side ranges from why the president endangered protesters by going on his little jaunt to the so called “presidents” church?, to why in the world was he carrying a Bible?Attacks upon him for once again doing some thing symbolically presidential to alleviate some stress and provide some hope were taken to be malevolent, while lies were expanded about the use of tear gas in the park to make him look Maniacal. Carrying the Bible from that side of the country’s perspective, is worse than carrying a can of gasoline and making Molotov cocktails.