She is sorry.  Really, really sorry.  Not a British Petroleum kind of sorry, but really sorry.  So sorry it pains her sorry.  Really. Really.  Not sorry enough to go and haul unpolluted water to herds of livestock  by main force with her own manicured hands, but really sorry.  Not sorry enough to pay back millions of tax dollars pilfered by her agency or any of the huge salary that she gets every year but sorry nonetheless.  Not sorry enough to go to Safeway and fill up the back of her big environmentally polluting SUV with bottled water and deliver it to some folks who get their drinking water from what used to be a clean river sorry, but sorry.  Really sorry.   Sorry like those folks at the VA that allowed a lot of folks to die waiting to be seen by DR’s.  Oh, you had forgotten about that?  Never mind. This chick is really sorry.

spill 2

This looks like the work of some megamultinational profiteering faceless environmental rapist cartel sponsored by the republicans, the trilateral commission and the wacked out right to lifers. Whoever did this needs to pay.  Unless of course it was an honest mistake by the do-gooders who want to
“help us” ,  Their concern for the environment covers the stupid things that they do.  Good intentions always trump action.  So if it is the government -never mind.  Unless it is a Republican governor then off with their heads.

I just reread this and realized I got pretty wound up.  Started to edit and changed my mind – maybe it is time we get wound up.  I am tired of being called stupid and worse by some real idiots who happen to think they are the enlightened ones.  So here it is, what I wrote last night when I was fired up.  Here it is as Luther said, “with the hair on”!

This is supposed to be a blog about mercy and faith and religion but since for some of our folks whose religion is the democrat party sometimes we have to wander into uncharted waters.   I just watched coverage of this environmental “problem” and I thought I was watching something published by the “Onion”.  Sometimes the absolute stupidity of the those that the media call the smartest and brightest among us just scream for some one, any one, to comment on their imbecility.  The Governor of Colorado, a State that I once lived in, showed that he is among those that have probably been inhaling the fumes of a commodity that he, in his ridiculous alternate universe thought would earn a profit.  For those who listen to the main stream media you might never learn this – dope heads who are always smarter than democrat politicians whose constituents they are, figured out that even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, they would rather purchase the illegal marijuana because the taxes are so high.  So this brilliant individual – as all democrat politicians are according to NBC,CBS and ABC, feels that he needs to lecture us,  the unenlightened on the nature of capitalism.  S0 EPA, those smart people that protect the environment by given us light bulbs so dim, (like the politicians that support them) that when you turn them on you are still in the dark like the folks who invented them, and which if you should break accidently need to call a HASMET team in to clear up the mess; these smart folks unleashed 3 million gallons (as of Tuesday) of contaminated water into the pristine waters of Colorado, New Mexico, and God knows what other States.  Now remember this poisonous mess was at least contained by the nasty brutish miners until the geniuses from the EPA came to “Help”.  I worked in a mine under the horrible profit miesters that only cared about profits, and guess what? –  they actually cleaned up the messes that the democrat supported union bosses sometimes made on purpose because they, (insert gasp here), wanted to make money!  Oh the horror!

Now this towering intellectual genius, (the governor of Colorado that is), comes out and addresses the crowds that can’t drink, shower or wash dishes  from the water in a river that was pretty clean until protectors came to “Help”.  We haven’t seen the obligatory duck dead on the shore, or the poor river otter swimming in circles because he has been poisoned – yet.  But until that happens he will sooth the inconvenienced. His wonderful meanderings included the revelation that we can’t get too mad at the EPA because guess what?  They made a mistake but “it wasn’t because they were trying to make a profit”.  This mental giant joins the ranks of other famous intellectual giants in the democrat elite, who thought their parents came from Britain when they came from Delaware, or who believe that Washington drank beer in the White House, or that the Constitution is 300 years old.  You may not know who these  treasures are but one of them might still run for president because the standard bearer now, a “brilliant” women, who believes that women will die in droves if we stop people from selling chopped up babies on street corners from coolers, and doesn’t know what “top secret” means unless it comes to what she actually thinks about anything that is actually important, is stopped from running because people finally figure out how insipid she really is.  She can’t tell us anything now about what she believes because she doesn’t know what she believes except that conservative is bad and she can reveal what she truly is to the hoi polio after she is coronated.

BP made a mess in the Gulf and were pilloried and fined and attacked from the brilliant.  They are bad because they wanted to make money.  EPA makes a mess but they can’t be faulted because they weren’t trying to make a profit.  The brilliant might want to think about the fact that they don’t have to make a profit because they steal their money from the people they are poisoning.  They make money by confiscation.  BP makes money, or tried to. by investing, which actually means trying to employ folks.

I could spend a lot of time talking about the brilliant.  As I said one of the brilliant believes that George Washington drank beer in the White House.  Another remembers churches being burnt in his home state by the KKK when it never happened, but of course he has a good heart so that is important.  Another of brilliant thinks that crowd control means allowing people to burn down their town so they can vent.  Another of the really smart believe that the republicans “lost their moral compass” when they mentioned that maybe in a civilized society selling baby parts out of a cooler like a vendor  sells hotdogs on a street corner maybe a bit much.  And of course the brilliant will say to those of us who think of Mengele and horrible experiments on the helpless, and the selling of teeth and the melting of flesh into soap “for profit”, that we benighted souls are “extremists”.

So my advice to you poor folks without water in all the States down river from Colorado – don’t complain.  After all the brilliant know better than you what you need.

Whew – it feels good to vent.  I was thinking that I worked up a thirst, but I am not sure I have an EPA approved water filter.