photo (5)

So I got this picture the other day with a question.  What church is it and where?  The picture of the church was sent in for some purpose and no one seemed to know where it was or what the name was.  There is something interesting about that and the picture itself.  This church is obviously well taken care of, in fact it looks as if it has just been resided, had new windows installed and maybe an addition of a new front entrance.  There are signs of construction all around if you look carefully.  Then in the background we see what is either a replica of the church or a sort of mausoleum that serves as what looks like the entrance to the cemetery.  It looks to me like a replica of the church that was built for an anniversary or something like that.  Then we have the little child standing and looking at the camera.

Interesting picture.  Obviously out west with the topography.  Well cared for cemetery.  We just don’t know where it is or what it is called.  There is a commentary in there somewhere but I will save it for another day.  If anyone knows where this church is and what it is called, please let me know.