Udom boarding school and Project 24 center has a special place in my heart.  Long ago a retired Pastor called me out of the blue and related a story of his missionary service. A little boy had been orphaned and in the culture he was working in orphans were not treated well.  He and his wife took the little boy in and basically raised him as their son.  They fed him and clothed him and brought him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  When time came for him and his wife to leave the country they were not allowed to take the boy with them and they were devastated.  He told me, “everday when I get up in the morning I think of him, and my last prayer before sleep is that he is safe.”  Numerous attempts to contact that child were unsuccessful.

The Pastor was elderly and he wanted to make a major gift of money to Project 24.  His condition – that the center be named “Udom”.  It was and it is.  It is a school for girls and is going very well.  Here is a picture of the Udom girls learning how to get soccer balls blown up and ready for use.