weird light

So Trinity Lutheran Church in Drayton has a Chrismon Tree.  It is a big one.  In the picture the lights are unplugged and the only light on the tree is coming from the windows.  This one Chrismon shines with a very interesting light.  I am sure that there is a scientific reason for it.  Somehow the light coming through is refracted in our through this one Chrismon.  It stays like that for a long time too.  I would think that after an hour the light would dim but this one keeps going.

Anyway it is supposedly the Chrismon that symbolizes the star that led the Wise men to the Messiah.  We stood around and took pictures of it Sunday after the lesson about the murder of the innocents and the Holy families trip to Egypt.

“How vain the cruel Herod’s fear, When told that Christ the King is near! He takes not earthly realms away, Who gives the realms that ne’er decay.

The Eastern sages saw from far And followed on His guiding star; By light their way to Light they trod, And by their gifts confessed their God.”