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I don’t know who the women are on the song picture but I am not saying anything about my organists and…………….

I am not one of the those that believes the only instrument that can be used in the church is the organ but it is sure the one that I grew up on.  I even played the organ in my church in Colorado a million years ago.  Don’t ask me if I was any good.  I always felt that what I did was like a dancing dog-it didn’t make any difference how well he did,  it was that he could do it all.

I wrote this song for all the dedicated organists out there – here are the words.

Back in the day when the church bells chimed they would gather in the house of prayer.

 and they firmly believe they'd sit at Jesus feet and receive his gracious gifts there.

 and they would offer up their hymns and praises and for all the world they would pray.

Like incense ascending to the throne of grace the organ would lead the way.


In joy they would celebrate the saviors birth and hallelujahs would be their song.

 They buried them in ashes and sadness for a while that would last 40 days long

but then raise them again in a glorious hymn as they rejoiced on Resurrection Day

 and their worship would echo through an  empty tomb and the Organ  would lead the way.


Children were brought into the family of God in baptismal waters tide

and man and wife became one flesh and said the Savior would be their guide

 and Saints were planted into the ground to await the judgment day

When we will all gather again at the throne of grace and the organ would lead the way.

Refrain  -  And the hymns went up in the morning and vespers at the close of the day and they

joined in the rhythm of creations praise and the Organ would lead the way the organ would lead the way

On the last day the Organ will be silenced and we’ll hear a trumpet sound

 and the sheep will go to the eternal life and to worship and praise unbound

 and they will sing the song of the angels - "worthy is the lamb was slain"

and it will be the perfection of all they had sought when the Organ lead the way when the Organ lead the


Till then the hymns will go up in the morning and vespers at the close of the day and we’ll join in the rhythm of creations praise an tdhe organ will lead the way, and the Organ will lead the way