Somewhere in the Bible it says that even the young lions may grow weak with hunger but they that count on the Lord lack no good thing.  I thought about that verse a lot today.  We saw the lions in the Mara again and I was told that a large group that we saw last time I was here that were just cubs protected by two young males, had been killed  by two larger and stronger males that moved into the territory and would allow no competition.  Even young lions that seem so invincible aren’t.  Sometimes those that seem the weakest are invincible.

The  young people that we visited in the bush haunt me.  Far away from any kind of support, raised by a mother that may be gone for long periods of time looking for work, in the bush in the heat and the dark and the storms, perhaps supported by neighbors, perhaps not, seem to be absolutely vulnerable and they are.

And yet in a counter intuitive way they lack no good thing.  In the eyes of the world they have nothing.  Yet they lack no good thing because as so many have said, they “trust in God to provide” and he does.  Sometimes through the local church and the marvelous deaconesses  and Pastors that come and give them food and spiritual help.  Sometimes through people like you and me who for whatever reason believe that God has called them in help in whatever way they can. Through the mutual admonition and comfort of the saints, these young people “lack no good  thing” because “God does provide”.

I will share pictures with you later when I get back and figure out how to get them off  of my  iPad . Gotta go – another up at 0 dark 30 morning.