There is so much damage from recent storms and so many needs in disaster recovery sometimes we miss other stories. This comes from Robert Ballard, Chairman, St John Lutheran School
Thief River Falls, MN 56701. He sent pictures but I can’t find them so I will include a picture of grain bins. Whatever hit Thief River it was no ordinary storm.

wanted to reach out to the MN North office to share news about the storm that hit Thief River Falls on July 12th. St John School had significant damage from the storm to its roof and suffered a lot of water damage internally. Thankfully we have a good insurance policy and they will be covering the damages. I did want to reach out to see however if there is a way to reach out to our churches in the district to see if there was a chance we could setup a fund to help with the restoration process in the inside of the building as well as the need to help find good contractors that are not already booked for the summer to help us get the school ready for the first day of school, Sept 3rd. There are some things that wont match after the repairs and extra funds would help us replace some of the old walls, lights and trim.