This is right outside my office at the All Faith’s Chapel, right next door to a bank and pretty close to a bean plant.  There is a lot of traffic on this road and for these young deer to hang around and eat tree bark things must be getting tough.  Folks are getting touchy and the longer days may help but this has been a long winter.  I don’t remember this much snow since 1997 and that was the year of the great flood.

I hear from you folks over in Minnesota North that you have a lot of snow as well.  Folks in Minneapolis are trying to make the most of this from a tourist connection but it is a hard slog.  If I want to go and freeze my butt off in mountains of snow I would go to Vail of Aspen or Utah.  Cross country skiing in downtown Minneapolis isn’t something that I would enjoy but maybe they can figure out a way to ski in the Skyways.

Keep the birdbaths filled and the feeders topped off.  Everybody needs a little help once and a while.