reality show

So the lecturer in chief said that the Presidency is serious business and not a reality show.  He pontificated on policies and proposals that needed to add up and be transparent and held to task by the press.

His signature legacy item, Obama Care, if anyone remembers, was hidden because, “we have to pass the Bill to see what is in it”.  Remember Gruber,  who said that we were stupid and needed to have the contents of the bill hidden because we don’t know what is good for us?  Now it is called the Affordable Care Act and folks are starting to realize that it is not affordable.   It is not care, it is insurance, and lousy insurance at that, and it took insurance away from more people that it insured.  Why didn’t someone ask about the transparency of the so called investigation into thousands of Vets dying while the Veterans Administration ignores them and covers it up?  Anything in the press on that lately?  Or the Iran Treaty?  Or anything on so called “foreign policy”?  Transparency and press analysis is certainly missing and having the community organizer bloviate about the press bringing someone to task is hilarious.

Maybe his best line was that “this (I suppose he means being president) is not entertainment or a reality show”.  It may be his best line and probably played well on all the comedy/talk/entertainment shows that he has been on.  I am sure he spoke these lines on the way to the golf course.

I have wondered about the old adage of a pot calling a kettle something.  That old saw could be used by the press, but if we haven’t figured it out yet the press has never held this President to account for anything and if they hint at some of the disasters that he has brought to pass, he has a pat answer; this is hard work.  The fact that he has made almost everyone’s job in this country more difficult is never talked about.  He has set an attitude of disrespect for the police.  He has made the work of the military close to impossible.  Doctors and nurses jobs are tougher and the work of CPA’s and insurance folk is daunting.  Homebuilders and owners wend there way through dizzying heights of regulations and anyone involved in trying to produce energy for this country is vilified and made fun of.  He has made the work of parents really tough.  I am still waiting for the first story from a mother of daughters as to how she explains to them some grown man coming to use the womens bathroom.

So what have we learned from the commander in chief?  The presidency is not a reality show, it is not entertainment, and it is not easy.  That is what we have after almost 8 years of puffery and “transformation”.  There is something unreal about the last few years.  Someone said it is as if the adults have all left the political arena and the children are in charge.  Now some want to turn the arena over to a cranky grandma with a bony pointy finger and a grating voice or a silver headed Socialist or a, well, reality show host.

Reality can be pretty surreal sometimes and sometimes it’s not easy.