Part of Life of Washington Mural in San Francisco

Yesterday I expressed my interest in the fact that the founders and framers have been under attack for a long time.  They want to, and probably have washed out the Washington mural that had been on an elementary school wall for years.  There is talk about removing Washington and Jefferson’s names from academic institutions.  Hamilton got a musical but only by playing fast and loose with some history but that is the way of the world today.  Anyway the Civil War hero’s have had statues torn down and graves desecrated.  Historic sites have been messed up because of this childish desire to erase the past history.  This is amazing stuff after the show with the so called Law professors at the impeachment interviews.  All of a sudden the framers and founders were extolled again and became hero’s for a while.  The fickleness of this age is amazing and marks a kind of insanity that has developed over the last few years.

Anyway I think that folks should remark on this statement – “Must men conscientiously risk their careers only for principles which hindsight declares to be correct, in order for posterity to honor them for their valor? I think not. Surely in the United States of America, where brother once fought against brother, we did not judge a man’s bravery under fire by examining the banner under which he fought?”

Those are the words of John Kennedy or Ted Sorenson, depending on whose history you read.  They are from “Profiles In Courage”.