We say many times on this blog that words mean things. Since the Fourth of July and all the protests and demonstrations that have been going on around the country it is important for us to make sure we understand what words are saying, and what words really mean especially when it comes to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  I was just listening to an individual  who talked about a demonstration for gun rights, as being an opportunity for young people to speak out about the rights that were given to them “by the constitution of the United States”, especially the Second Amendment.  This is an interesting statement because it still gives the illusion, or the impression that the constitution as exhibited by the government of the United States gives us these rights. The constitution of United States say that all rights are given to us by God. They are unalienable rights. That means that the are imprescriptible.  They are indefeasible. They cannot be prescribed for us, or annulled.  We have them because we have been endowed by our Creator with these rights. The Constitution in the Bill of Rights, maintains that because of these rights, there are things that government cannot impose, force, regulate, or lay upon its citizens and if it does it ceases to be a government. People who go crazy about the Constitution do it for a very specific reason – it is the only document in the history of the world (except perhaps for the Magna Carta) which tells us what a government cannot do. That is why leftists are always trying to change the Constitution, or change judges, so that they can lay upon people more rules and regulations because they want government to be in charge of all things.  That is why it is imperative that people learn what words mean.  The Constitution does not “give” us anything. It guarantees what we already have.   What we have has been “endowed” to us.