Tebow celebrates

So what do we make of this – that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much, or that the Vikings are somehow cursed?  I am starting to go with the Vikings are cursed theory but that is a blog for another time.  If Tebow prays for a victory does God intervene in the football game to give him one?  That is also a discussion for another time – what I am interested in is this continued bludgeoning that takes place whenever a Christian brings their faith “out of the closet”.  This idea that faith is a “private thing” a personal thing is really starting to get old and needs to be addressed.

The entire trajectory of the ministry of Jesus leans toward sharing of the faith with others, (except for the times when Jesus tells the disciples to tell no one, but I believe that there is a very specific reason for that demand) and a public witness that takes place before the “whole world”.  The call of the disciples leads to making them “fishers of men” and will result in them being dragged before councils and Kings to bear witness.  The call of Christ is such that they cannot but “speak of the things that they have seen and heard”.  Jesus own witness is public.  He preaches in the synagogues and is publically examined by the religious authorities and does nothing in secret.  His call will ultimately demand that the whole world be told the message of salvation.  The second advent of Christ is even being delayed so that all get a chance to hear before the time of grace is over.  They can’t hear if we don’t speak, and we won’t speak if we believe that our faith is a private thing.