it is written

When Jesus appears to the disciples after the resurrection He explains to them, once again that all that had happened was planned by God.  He also explains one of the great implications of the resurrection and that is that God wants “repentance and faith to be preached to all nations”.  That is mission work and it was written already in the Law and the Prophets.

The Federwitz family from The Lutheran Bible Translators gave a presentation at Trinity a few weeks ago. We appreciate the work of the Lutheran Bible translators who are a wonderful RSO of the LCMS.  We continue to form partnerships to try and carry out the greatest challenge in the world. “Never forget that Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all the peoples on this planet. This is the greatest challenge in the world. Jesus bought men “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). Not some, but every. The point is that the scope of Jesus’ command is wider and amazingly more diverse than we think. The estimates are that the total number of people groups in the world is 9,736 if you don’t count any group twice for being in different countries (16,067 if you do). The estimate is that 4,067 of those 9,736 are unreached. This is the challenge of the church globally — the greatest challenge in the world.”

So said John Piper in his blog “Desiring God”.