People say that I get too political for a mercy blog and that I should stick to mercy stuff.  I want to show that I can be non-partisan  Well, not really because in weird world non-partisan means “Democrat” much like non-denominational church means Baptist.  I want to stand up and defend the Mayor of Minneapolis.  The Trudeau look alike mayor was trying to stop Trump from coming to Minneapolis to speak and have a rally at the Target Center.  Confusion and difficulties ensued when the Mayor claimed that Trump had hateful rhetoric so his free speech rights should be taken away.  Well he didn’t really say that, but it doesn’t really make any difference what people say, it is what we say they say that matters, so deal with it.  He said that Trump was hateful and therefore unwelcome.  That was controversial but Trump planned to come anyway.  This freedom of speech thing has a way of messing with those who scream about it for themselves and then want to deny it to others.  So we’ll let it slide when he accuses Trump of hate speech but doesn’t hear his congresswomen’s anti Semitic rants.  Anyway that is just the froth on the caldron.

The word came out that the venue that had cost Obama $20,000, would cost Trump $500,000.  Of course it could not be the usual overcharging and inflating that happens when Democrats take over things,  It certainly cannot be an inflated number to try and either shake down a campaign or obstruct the free speech of a candidate.  Democrats would never do that.  The Trudeau look a like mayor gave us a hint.  He said he is the mayor of a city of 413,000 people and doesn’t have time to tweet and get into a tweet storm with the President.  There is the issue.  The mayor is busy like all Democrat mayors of big cities trying cover up, hide or explain away the fact that their cities are flagrant examples of homelessness, lawlessness, lack of respect for police and first responders and dangerous.  Mayors have to keep ahead of the shooting and stabbing rates in their cities and have to go to the extent of changing the definition of “murder” to keep the rates down.. Rahm Immanuel engaged in that tactic of changing what a murder is in order to hide the absolutely appalling rates of mayhem in the city of Chicago. No doubt Trudeau impressionist mayor has to do the same.  These democrat mayors have to be magicians and they have to practice magic, which is literally the use of words to change our vision of reality.  He probably spends most of his time telling cyclists to be obnoxious; tourists that they weren’t really mugged; neighborhood watches that they need to stop watching; and police what they can and cannot wear off duty.  You have to have some sympathy for him.  How many times does he have to try and convince people that Minneapolis (and St. Paul) have winning and exciting sports teams?  Life is tough.  Keeping the illusions of fairness and concern for all citizens is tough stuff.

So $500,000 doesn’t seem too much for that venue.  Judging the area where the Target Center is, one will have to hire a lot of disrespected and disgruntled police officers, security and first responders.  Unlike the places where democrat candidates speak, the homeless will not be whisked off the streets and taken to some holding camp to be released to their misery after the event.  In fact the mayor might have to hire more homeless to come and protest Trump.  Anyone who has visited the area around the Target Center after the sun goes down, knows that you are entering a danger zone, so the more security the better.  As far as cost goes there could be some people out there willing to share.  Since the Target Center is an NBA venue, maybe the Chinese would lend a hand.  They seem to know something about crowd control.