Avon and Bud Gessner at Tokio

The North Dakota District Convention resolved to reinvestigate and encourage outreach and work among the various tribes and reserves in North Dakota and to look into “best practices” in ministry to Native Americans.  Last June Pastor Stout of St. Peters in Devils Lake, Dallas Rosin and Josh Eckstein of Concordia Lutheran in Jamestown, Donna Danielson of Zion Lutheran in Bismarck, Mary Ann Anderson (often mentioned in this blog) the Gessners did a 5 day VBS on the Spirit Lake Nation reserve.  Some of the VBS was held at the Tokio Community center – pictured and some was held at the BDECAN Dakota Presbyterian Church.  We will probably be mentioning this ministry over again in a few days, but we would also like to have some feed back from those in these types of ministries as to “best practices”.  Cultural differences are just some of the issues facing teams that wish to witness and any advice or counsel that we can get would be appreciated.

The main thing of course is the proclamation of the Gospel in word and deed.

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