waiting room

Many times in the scripture we are told to wait.  The disciples were told to wait until they received power from in high.  We wait for the coming of Christ to fulfill all things.  Christian hope can be patient in mercy projects because in Christ we have all the time in the world

Stanley Hauerwas writes,

It is not just any kind of waiting, but rather it is the waiting made possible by a hope made real. Jesus is that hope, and he instills the same hope in those who would follow him. It is not the hope of idealism that tires when the ideals seem unreachable. Rather, it is the hope schooled by the Father’s patience to redeem the world through his Son. Without patience, those filled with hope threaten to destroy that for which they hope. Without hope, the patient threaten to leave the world as they find it. Disciples of Jesus must learn how to take the time patiently to hope in a world that thinks it has no time for either hope or patience