Eunita's church

Eunita describes how members of her congregation in Kenya have given small gifts in order to build a new church. It is taking a long time because the families don’t have much. The bricks are made of compacted soil. They have not yet been able to add the roof. Over time. rain erodes the bricks. Mean time when it rains, they worship and conduct Sunday School under a tree. Since all age groups seek shelter under the same tree when it rains, it makes some Sunday mornings hectic.

Our liturgy, just before confession (and absolution), gives us a time for reflection on God’s Word and for self-examination. This Sunday, really wrestle with yourself. Would you attend worship if your church didn’t have a roof? Would you stand in the rain under a tree? On a rainy Sunday, would you roll over and go back to sleep? Remember in Kenya, you’d probably also be walking to church in the rain.

My point is not to make us feel guilty but to put our priorities and generosity into perspective. This is a big football weekend. Many of us will buy some special snacks/food to watch the game. $50 would buy 2 tin roof sheets and 3 kilograms of nails. That’s maybe equal to 2-3 pizzas and some beverages. If Kenya doesn’t excite you, find a project which does. Pray for someone you wouldn’t routinely pray for during a commercial. I’m not asking you to quit eating pizza. But, if everyone gave up a slice or two, maybe what you save on pizza can help put on a roof.

Gifts can be sent to the ND District, PO Box 9029, Fargo ND, 58106-9029. Mark the gift for the Nyangun Roof.

After all, we all share the same tree. (Jesus Christ)