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So I get depressed about “coming unhinged” as a society and a church and then I get stuff like this.  Peace in Christ in Duluth Minnesota has a Compassion Commitee – this note is from Ruby Berg.  She is telling a story about the needs of an individual.  I have taken out her name and put in an xx instead for privacy sake.  Check this out………………..
Peace in Christ also serves individuals in need of help. In this case a single mom who needed furniture. We supplied her place with all the furniture she needs.
The compassion committee is the brainchild of our pastor Tim Ludwig.   You are right every church needs one of these. We have 40-50 ( I think) who serve in varying capacities in this function. You can feel the love pouring out of that church. It is amazing. We say we need a bed and we get it.  Any one have a couch for a family?   We get 2.  We have had to rent a storage unit so we can keep furniture for distribution to needy families.
Attached are pictures of 3 drawings that were done by a couple of her kids.  The one with the 2 smiling stick figures in the grass – it represents how happy they are from the help they got from us!
Anyway, I got these 3 drawings from XX tonight.  The kids are all sick with coughs, body aches and/or fevers and now Heidi is getting the same!  She requested some help from me tonight – please read the texts from XX below – XX’s texts will be in bold and mine just normal font…I may paraphrase some but you will get the hint…
Is there any way to get some help with getting some tylenol for infants & children. And cold & flu meds for me.  My goodness we all started getting sick last night.  I kept one home from school & took 3 to the doc office today.  Nothing wrong other then common cold & flu symptoms.  One miserable family tho.  Especially baby Journey.  I hate to ask however we need some help.  Its just that you’ve helped us enough.  I just dint know where or who to ask.
I then told her that I would see what I can come up with; asked her the kids’ ages again.
Thank you.  I would greatly appreciate it.  I get so embarrassed asking for help.  Seriously i’m crying because i cant stand not being able to do it myself.  I have a small amount of kids tylenol.  I just have a kid burning up.  And i’m getting sick on top of everyone else.  The joys. 🙂
We discussed kids ages, their symptoms, etc.   Told her we were working on it.
Oh you’re wonderful. Vicks rub would be great.
When brought her some items she invited me upstairs to her apt. but then said “However not sure if you wanna come up to my germ factory. 🙂
We met in the front lobby and she gave me the 3 drawings from 2 of her kids.  Also told her to call the pharmacist at Walgreen’s with her kids weight and he would give her the correct dosages.  Her 3 boys each got a toy car and baby got a set of keys (rattle/teething ring) along with some medicine.  Then I heard from XX again as I was driving home.
She’s playing with her keys. 🙂 she’s loving them. 🙂  then some general chatting/texting back and forth until…
Tell everyone that helped i say thank you.  Its most appreciated.  Thank you for prayers.  One more prayer request. I’ve got 2 with special needs. I love em so i keep trying everyday. 🙂
Thank you again.  This is what its like to have a family.  Never really had one.  So i am overwhelmed with emotions.  Good ones.   In which I told her ahhhhh thanks! and she then replied…
You have no idea what its like to have you all in our lives.  Its the most amazing feeling.  I feel some kinda peace.  I can never thank anyone enough. My heart is happy to see people looking out for us.  We’ve had some help here & there.  However this is most meaningful.  Prayers are what our family needs.  I am so please with what you all do.  It was an emergency i’ve got no money & am trying not to use up my last month of cash assistance unless i desperately need too.
She is currently without a vehicle and still trying to find daycare so that she can acquire this job she is eyeing as a telemarketer.  She knows its gonna be hard but states “its just what i’ve gotta do for my family tho.”
We also discussed what is occurring within her building – plans for opening a daycare and etc.
I plan on living here for awhile.  I dont like moving here & there.  Stability works for me.  Never had that growing up.  I want it so badly for my kiddos. 
We said good night and etc. and next text to her was “good night! sleep tight! God bless & prayers for all of urs!”
It seems kinda crazy.  I dont know you guys all that well.  And I already love you.  Thats amazing to me.  Thanks so much from my heart.  Good night & we’ll include you in our prayers. 🙂
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