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The newly published hymnal “Ibada Takatifu” for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) was dedicated at the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church in downtown Nairobi on Sunday.  Present at the service was Rev. Al Colver Director of Church Relations for our church and Rev. Randy Golter the new Director of the Office of International Missions.

The hymnal is, in some ways, modeled after the Lutheran Service Book (LSB) in style. The hymnal contains a fresh translation of Luther’s Small Catechism in Swahili (unfortunately, they could not secure rights to use the translation done by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation). At least for the ELCK, the version of the Small Catechism found in the hymnal will become the new standard for Kenya.

The picture brought back many memories for me as I was invited to preach at the dedication of Uhuru Highway church when it became the Cathedral.  That is a great honor in my life  Uhuru Highway Cathedral is right in the midst of a bustling metropolis that is Nairobi.  When I first visited the church in 2003 the Pastor had his sheep tied up behind his office.  Now the Kenyan Church Head Office occupies a large office building

Uhuru Highway churchHere is John Halake, no stranger to these pages and Deaconness Sandra Rhein, the coordinating editor of the Kenya Hymnal Project.

Halake and Rhein