LCMS President Matthew Harrison has a new initiative called “What a Way”.  It is a push to get our young people and students interested in Church Work.  He writes –

Jesus in that wonderful text in Matthew 9 says “pray the Lord of the harvest send workers”.  That’s the first thing a church that is interested in mission does, pray and the Lord promises to answer prayer.  Pray the Lord of the Harvest send workers.  That’s our prayer right now.  That’s the prayer of the church every Sunday.  That’s my personal prayer daily.  That means that’s a prayer for you to consider how you can pray and also encourage people, especially young people to go into the service of the church in its various ministries.  A missionary church, which is what the Missouri Synod is and must be, a mission church must be a sending church.  An ascending church must send those trained to speak God’s word and to serve Christ.  Please, join us all in encouraging young people, noticing young people and their gifts, helping them consider a vocation in church work, getting them to a Concordia University or to a seminary for a visit, taking advantage of opportunities for young people to get on the campuses of the seminaries and to meet the faculty and enjoy time there.  It will make a huge difference in the life of that young person, and because of the service that person will provide to Christ and his saints it will make an eternal difference.

I believe that the Project 24 initiative to get young people over to Kenya is a good fit with President Harrison’s vision.  Let’s keep out eyes open for those young people that we thin might be a good fit and keep them in touch with this vision.

My hope I that we can keep this initiative not only in our prayers as our President urges but in the forefront of our efforts to continue to develop our partnerships in the minist