2016 LWML MN North District Convention LogoThe LWML of the Minnesota North District has a convention that starts today.  The Minnesota North LWML has been a wonderful supporter of Project 24 for a long time and their meetings and  former President Cheryl traveled to Kenya to see first hand the work being done there.  They are a true missionary support agency and we appreciate all that they have done.

Their theme is “Heir of God’s Abundant Love” based on 1 John 3:1a “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us”….

John says, “behold” or “see”.  What a great word.  Behold, and let it sink deep down into your inmost soul there to remain as an abiding object of joyous, adoring contemplation (Laetsch).  Think of your baptism and “behold” that the Lord of the universe and the God of all creation claimed you as His own and marked and sealed and adopted you to be His, even when you were His enemy; blind dead and lost.

“What manner” is an interesting concept.  The Expositor’s Greek Testament says that the word here “retains something of its proper and original idea and that is ,”of what country?”  So think deeply and meditate upon where this love comes from.  From what country, from what universe has ever come the idea that the Lord of all things before whom we stand condemned as sinners, would bestow upon us; lavish upon us such love that we would be called His children?

The Father.  The Father of our Lord Jesus condescends to call us His children.  This is not just some universal “fatherhood of God” concept.  This is up close and personal.  Jesus refers to the Father as “My Father” fifty-three times in the Gospels. He calls God “Our Father” some twenty-one times in the Gospels. This may seem rather generic too, but Jesus calls God “your Father” twenty-one times in the Gospels too!

“Has bestowed.” This word shows a past action that has abiding results; the gift of His love and its  blessings still continue with us. Again those baptismal promises and the daily forgiveness of sins.  This is something that all men can have and something that we, as His children want all to have as well.

Have a great convention Minnesota North!