hilaryThis is from  in the Huffington Post.

Despite popular statements to the contrary, the private freedom championed by social liberals has been expanded by the recent Hobby Lobby v. Burwell ruling. The Green Family, the founders and owners of billion-dollar crafts company Hobby Lobby, argued that funding four of the twenty contraceptives required by the Department of Heath and Human Services under the Affordable Care Act mandate would violate their pro-life religious views. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, passed almost unanimously by a Democratic Congress and president, held that federal laws and regulations could not unduly burden one’s freedom of religion, even if the statue had no intention of singling out one particular religious group. Under this twenty-year old act of Congress, federal statutes burdening one’s freedom of religion must demonstrate a compelling governmental interest and be the least restrictive means of furthering that interest. In a 5-4 ruling, the Court’s conservatives held that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) unfairly burdened Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs in requiring the corporation to either fund contraceptives or face hefty fines(about $2,000 per employee). The Court controversially ruled that closely-held, for-profit corporations have religious rights, and argued that the government can accomplish its interest in promoting women’s health by other means.

Schonfeld is right and the happiness of Christians over what seems to be a dose of sanity at the Supreme Court to me at least is very premature in thinking that we have won a victory as Christians.  We may have signed our own death warrant.  Think of it this way – Hobby Lobby was willing to pay for all the contraceptives of its employees except for 4 that they deemed to cause abortions.  In other words that accepted this immoral, egregious mess that will bankrupt this country and just like the VA, the Post Office and the IRS, the EPA,  and every other Federal agency, it will be a mess and unworkable and expensive.  Hobby Lobby rolled over like puppy dogs and pleaded to the almighty court to be released from being forced to pay for four little things.  Other than that they seemed happy to bow down to the vast Government idol.  The court agreed with them narrowly.  But how did the “smart folks” the anointed ones deal with it?   Not well.

Hilary Clinton who never seems to be too upset by much of anything from White House Interns; to having to pay 8 million dollars for two homes when they “were dead broke”; to four dead Americans in Benghazi; was “deeply disturbed” , and compared the decision to sharia law.  It might have been nice if she was deeply concerned about the entire disintegration of US foreign policy and the middle East being basically a caliphate under her watch or that Korea and Iran might be going nuclear and got a lot closer on her watch, but I guess we all have to set our priorities.  She might have been deeply disturbed that under her watch we returned to the cold war.  Of course I’m forgetting that she, like her boss, believes that she can just speak and all will be peaches and cream.  The ice caps will stop melting and air will be cleaner and all will be right with the world if she could just get a platform.  Secretary of State was not a big enough platform so she used if to accumulate frequent flyer miles. So using her considerable mouth to make her own platform she publically lied about what the Supreme Court decision meant and she compared not paying for four abortifacients to sharia law.  She never mentioned that Planned Parenthood, a subsidiary of the Democrat party and the Federal Government gives these drugs away for free, but she would rather have a business pay for them in their insurance, and she says their not having to do it is like sharia law.

Deeply disturbed that we are approaching something like sharia law, really? As Secretary of State this women never once spoke against sharia law.  To talk about 4 pills that can be gotten for free all over this country, and saying that denying to pay for them is like sharia law is monstrous, and if she believes it, insane.  This simple statement alone should bar her from ever being elected to anything including dog catcher.  Real sharia law kills women.  I throws acid in their faces.  It lashes them with whips before hanging them.  It has them stoned (by the way for you progressives – this means having rocks thrown at you until you die) in soccer arenas.  So why say something so absolutely ridiculous?  Because there are some stupid enough to believe it.  As a member of the most transparent administration in human history she knows that words are more important than deeds in this country.  You can destroy evidence, lie to congress, get impeached, but if you talk the progressive game and sing from the progressive hymn book, the press will not call you on anything because they agree with you, and they are the acolytes of the new religion – “progressivism”.

Her reaction, to me at least, is cause for some real concern.  She is comparing Christians to Muslims and claiming that both are “intolerant” and that is the only sin in the progressive world.  She has opened the first salvo on the progressive desire to remove Christianity as a threat.  We are useful dupes like Hobby Lobby was when it kowtowed to the great God and Master, and when they paid their workers three times the national average, but they have done the unthinkable and we see the progressives true colors.  I imagine that the IRS will be all over Hobby Lobby soon.  The EPA may pay a visit and find they are using “illegal wood” in their crafts.  There may be some labor strife on the horizon, but that is what it means to be ruled by “progressives”.  Coercion, embarrassment, shaming, big government bullying, and  a lot of other stuff that if I were an idiot, or a demagogue, I would compare to sharia law.