Go back to November 25th of last year (2013) and look at my blog – I wrote what you will read below and included two unbelievably offensive commercials created to sell young people on Obamacare.  I didn’t put them in this one – you have to look them up but they are really bad.  Anyway I wrote the following then and some of you didn’t like it.  So I decided to repeat it.  Enjoy.

I wonder how many of you actually think that this is a good thing?  I’ve written before that those who think they know better about just about everything are in charge and just about everything seems to be falling apart.  We were told by the press that these were the smartest, brightest, and best when we elected them, and maybe by this generations standards they are (see 10/01/13).  They obviously think they are better than others because they view them as sex starved drunken fools.  They can spend money on thrash like this because they have the IRS.  The IRS can send me letters telling me to the penny what I owe when my well educated CPA friend tells me different, but who wins?  Meanwhile they send billions to China in fraudulent tax refunds and no one can explain under oath how stuff like that happens.

They, the smart and brilliant in charge, spent almost a billion dollars because they thought they had a pretty good sense of what is good and all we got was a lousy website.  The money spent could have paid for a catastrophic insurance plan for all the un-insured and left the rest of us alone but those who have a pretty good sense of what is good can’t or won’t do that.  I hope that people remember the need for this whole thing to have young people enroll is hamstrung because the same people that got us into this mess have spent the last 40 years making sure that generations that could be contributing were never born.

This over riding conceit that those in power know better than we what is good means that they can tell you that your insurance plan wasn’t good and that you can do better.  The unctuous know it all from Iowa said it the other day in the Senate hearing.  He actually sermonized that you shouldn’t be angry if you have a maternity clause in your insurance if you are a man because you are paying for a mother somewhere that can’t pay for it.  Don’t be whiny!  We are better than that in this country.  No one asked him why he is exempt from joining this good thing but such is life in the transformed America.

One other thing as I vent my spleen so that I won’t have to go to the Doctor.  Remember the word “period”.  That is an important word.  It means end of discussion.  While one of the brilliant was using that in every speech and campaign stop the Vice know it all sat on a stage in a debate setting and said that the ACA (Affordable Care Act for the unenlightened) would not require that St. Mary’s hospital down the street would have to pay for the abortions of their workers -period!  We are not allowed to call these people liars because that is not nice – period!  Since I can’t call them liars I will say delusional because the know it all in chief actually said that the vice know it all was the best vice know it all in all history.  Remember now he is speaking about a man who believes that his relatives worked in a coal mine and played soccer on lunch breaks, even though his father was a used car salesman in Delaware (see

Meanwhile all the regimes that we supported in the middle east to keep the crazies at bay are gone and we are Neville Chamberlain to Iran’s Hitler, but the ketsup king believes he has a pretty good sense of what is good for the region.  No one asks what the Israelis or the Turks or the Europeans that we used to think were allies consider good.

In the meantime there is an eternal word that gives us a pretty good sense of what is good.

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

Justice is not lying and legislated theft.  Mercy is not free contraception and helping you to save your beer money. Humility is not apologies that center around your sorrow for the stupidity of those that don’t recognize how smart you think you are.